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Real Estate


Being since 1991 in the real estate industry, I am a hands-on Specialist in Sales, Management and Financing sector for different companies and investors. I (re)establish order, to make properties enjoyable again. Therefore, I build professional, reliable teams who support all steps needed. I got projects in Kenya as well as in Germany. From professional portfolio management to individual properties of individual owners, I organize, structure, manage, sell, creating real estate related billing and taking into consideration the legal and tax framework conditions in the country in question.

Food Security


I believe aquaponic farming has the scale to solve the world’s food, environmental and health problemsAquaponic is the easiest farming method for the successful organic farmer. It combines two circulatory systems, growing vegetables and fish. A unique, environmentally and wildlife friendly way, working cost-efficiently, resource saving and with no discharge of waste water. I support organic agriculture investors from their planning to their construction and the turnkey handover of the customized farm system – and I am excited about every new project. 



Every training retreat is unique, unrivaled and life changing. Are you ready? Meet the BiG Five: Your Values (Lion), Your Flexibility (Leopard), Your Motive (Rhino), Your Orientation (Buffalo) and Your Emotions (Elephant). Get to know them will prevent to live a life in unhappiness, dissatisfaction and stress. It will lead to live a life in FiveStyle©, with purpose, joy and ease. Due my retreats, people totaly relax and getting more clarity about themselves and their next steps. Blockages, Tension and Uncertainty dissolve magically. Get out, lets have some fun and relax! Like to know more? Contact me and follow me on facebook.

On my blog you get informations about my own FiveStyle©, nutrition and a peace of my mind. I also get hired as trainer/lecturer/speaker on Commercial functions and engage myself in youth and women empowerment.


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