and combine all my experiences in Management, Sales, Marketing, Finances,

Business Development, Training, Nutrition, Life and bring it into the real estate,

food security and life-style sector.


Hi, I'm Meike Werner

a loud woman, entrepreneur and troublemaker, based in Mombasa, born in Lübeck. I can make broken look beautiful and my strength keeps me going. I believe in every inch of the univers and in turning ideas into reality. I have a hurricane of crazy chaos around me and only I can handle it. Therefor I am very organized and so damn passionate, that it's worth it. I love life with all my heart and it loves me right back. I belong to myself, before I belong to any man or land.


I am giving my best in different professional sectors. Basically in Real Estate, Food Security and you find me as well in Coaching & Training.

Real Estate


Being since 1991 in the real estate industry, I am a Multi-Task-Specialist in Sales, Management and Financing sector with and for different companies. I got projects in Kenya as well as in Germany. From professional portfolio management to individual properties of individual owners, I get a team together to organize, structure, manage, sell, do estate related billing and taking into consideration the legal and tax framework conditions in the country in question. On construction sides I surround myself with independent experts to allow and to control a smooth flow asap.

Food Security

Consultant & Designer

In this sector I am still a newcomer. Food security means for me more than availability of food and one's access to it. Food has to be safe and nutritious, that meets dietary needs and food preferences for an active and HEALTHY life. My passion for health, nutrition and grow PURE FOOD has led me to aquaponic systems. Aquaponic is the easiest farming methode for the successful organic farmer



For more than 30 years I have been studying personality development. I have found out there are five important areas inside us who govern our action and life. People who dont know about it are on the risk to be permantly stressed, depressed and to burn-out. Getting to know this Big Five and being able to control them, empowers us to free ourselves and redifine our very own lifestyle. The FiveStyle©! To share this knowledge I organize exclusive training retreats for individuals and groups, mostly in the wilderness of Africa.

I strongly believe in the power of plants, nutrition, nature and mind. On my blog I inspire to choose a wholsome, meatless nutrition without processed food. I publish inexpensive, simple for a healthy lifestyle and give a peace of my mind to people who are interested.


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